Wow!!! was a magnificent summers evening with Phil Collins......

Christchurch Stadium was packed, conditions were stifling as the sun poured down, 30C! People dressed in sunhats, caps and t-shirts drank wine, beer but mostly water and mingled until Phil walked onto the stage.....then there was a roar, clapping, yelling, whistling  - Wow, he was actually here!!!

Phil's voice rang out as he hit the notes to 'Against All Odds', amazing power and completely in tune. He was sat at the front of the stage while 17 year old son Nicholas played the drums all night, he didn't miss a beat and was equally as good as his father.

A series of songs followed along with a selection from Genesis which the crowd loved. As the sun was setting son Nicholas and percussionist Richie "Gajate" Garcia played a drum solo, thrashing out the beats with a rushing tempo which continued to race along, it was amazing, great concentration and strength required. Towards the end they left their instruments to join Phil at the front of the stage for a trio on cajon drums, Phil loved every minute as you can imagine!

A couple more numbers then Nicholas played the piano while Phil sang 'You Know What I Mean', lovely to see just the two of them together, father and son - poignant.

By now the sun had set, darkness had descended and stars twinkled above. In the calm of the warm evening air all turned blue and the haunted notes of 'In The Air Tonight' rang out. Nicholas was amazing on drums - I loved it, we all loved it! 'Can't Hurry Love' followed and is my main blip, the lights were impressive.

And then after a solid two hours it was nearly all over, the encore of the evening was 'Take Me Home' - Wow!

The backing band were fantastic, a quartet on backing vocals, four man horn section, two quitars - electric and acoustic, synthesizers, keyboards and percussion. The atmosphere was magic, it's an evening hubby and I will always remember - an evening with Phil Collins.

A few extras - I couldn't help myself :)

I decided to take the Canon Powershot which captured some not too bad shots, the Sony would've been better but don't think I'd have got it through security.

A magnificent Monday evening :)

PS I've downloaded these from my fb account as my computer with originals is in the computer shop. I'll change them if needed when I get my computer back.

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