Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Organisation continues

Gulliver‘s new bedroom is almost decorated, Rachel came over in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours with me going through the kitchen drawers and cupboards, we got rid of a boot load of stuff! It’s amazing having everything organised, knowing what is there, getting rid of duplicates of equipment etc etc Allocating a place for everything. Still away to go but definitely broken the back of it.

This morning I went to Gulliver’s school to participate in a careers carousel event, about 30 professionals arranged at tables in the school gym hall and year nine students who are about to choose their GCSE options coming to us in groups of seven students for 10 minutes a time to hear about our careers. It’s such a Great event and so helpful to students, very inspiring for us to, I met some nice people.

And evening on the sofa watching the telly with Max and Gulliver, Max made a delicious curry, yay curry night!

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