Mr Smith

By MrSmith


My age related deafness has some benefits as I (genuinely) didn’t hear a constipated whippet whimpering at 5.30am. Mrs S did though and took her out into the garden where she remained for some considerable time. By which time, Mrs S was completely awake so decided to bash on with some work.

When I emerged much later I needed to step up to the plate, so headed off to the recycling centre with old bedding and cardboard mostly.

Back for a catch up with Cam and Billy in the cafe.

Later I walked back down with Ruby and the mutts so Ruby could have a chat with Kat.

Back home to see all the work that Eve had done on her portfolio. Mrs S had helped with the presentation and it’s looking great. I know I’m biased but she’s got serious talent.

Later everyone else watched something on TV that was deemed inappropriate for me so I made them all snacks and retired into the other room with beer and the pug.

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