But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Woody’s Scarf.

I arrived home yesterday evening to find an email asking me if I wanted to collect 300 kg of sugar, so there was a vague and unaccountable sense of slight disappointment that there was only 265 kg if you include that that wasn’t there due to spillage. Knowing, as I do, about the car’s handling with only 200 in the boot, I made sure that the first 75 went in the front passenger foot-well, and apart from the sluggish acceleration, I wouldn’t have known it was there; but then I do have a reluctance to press hard on the throttle, it is such an expensive pastime.
The Peebles bee keeping club had a meeting in a pub to discuss the finer points of the craft so I left some sugar in the boot to pass over to them for their native breeding plan which I had hoped to be a part of once it took off. They were, however moaning about the difficulty of keeping the strain pure, which is impossible without having an isolated apiary  to stop them interbreeding with lower bee life forms. What you can expect is to improve the local stock to your own, and your neighbours’, advantage. There are a few factors in your favour; the natives go on their mating flights at cooler parts of the day, and in cooler weather generally; they also congregate at different altitudes and areas to the other sub-species. (This is known as having unusual mating habits.) They also survive better in the unpredictable Scottish climate, so they do not out-breed as readily as one would expect. Anyway, I had an email today from the Ochill bee breeding group saying that they would put a couple of colonies aside for me to collect in July. I’m already getting strange tingling sensations of excitement.
Having had a busy day, the Blip was taken a few seconds before midnight. It was useful to play with different Photoshop brush settings as demonstrated in some videos I’ve been watching. I’m afraid the maggot is becoming a little dishevelled and will have to be pensioned off. It rather reminds me of the fox-fur my grandmother used to wear; I haven’t seen one for many years and hope not to see one again.

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