By tookie

Birds are Driving me Crazy...

We had sooo much snow last night...especially for the Seattle area...over 7 inches where we are..maybe more!!!  We don't put any bird feeders out as a local garden and bird guy told us to just have bird baths with water...if we have enough wild stuff and trees aroung the birds will have plenty.  Our back yard is a mish mash jungle project with flowers, weeds, trees, moss...lots of yummy birdie least it seems so as we have many!  But with the huge snowfall I worried so I got some premium yummies for the birds and sprinkled it all around.  But Cowboy would go out and much on it so I put a pan filled with seeds out there.  Now they are everywhere up, down and all around.  Cowboy tried , unsucessfully, to knock the pan down...I yelled at him...but he still manages to sneak some seeds!  Everybody has full tummies out there!
  Thank you once again Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday!

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