George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Look at me, Look at me

Oh, it was so exciting. 

WE was going to go for a walk in the park , and she did say, no, lets go to that small park near the big park, and we might be able to let George (that's me) off the lead.  OK he said, and we did pull up and open the door of the car and immediately these two great lolloping poodles did race up and give me a sniff, and I did whine a bit, and so she said, oh alright then and did LET ME OFF THE LEAD.  Entirely.  Completely.  Utterly. 

And I did bark like crazy because I was just a little bit scared, and then I did run after the big lolloping poodles and I did have the best time EVER in the life of a small black dog.

Gosh it was just the best fun - and even better it's quite close to home so I think we are going to go there ever so often, because she did say it was so good to see me run free - and in the picture it proves it because the leads she is carrying is not attached to me.

And when we did get back to the car, I had the BIGGEST drink of water.  Because they always carry water for me as well as themselves.

I think she is going to put a picture of me and the poodles in her own extras because I'm not a full member and I can't do that.

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