By 61Daisies

The Festival Hall at 11.30am

...is when I had to have my one to one with the photography course tutor, that is, the course that I’ve been miserably failing at.
It was actually constructive. I have an idea and she has given me some photographers to study ...which will Interesting.
...unlike this photo which was taken at 12.15 as I walked out of the Festival Hall, see wall on very left, and back to Waterloo.
...and instead of hopping on a train home I hopped on the number 77 bus and went to see Lydia, and Ben, for a couple of hours. Lydia is fed up of her mum :-) ...but Ben was very pleased to see me, and is going to get an Irish passport ...which will be very useful I think.
And then I went home...

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