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A bridge too far.

We braced the strong winds and went for an urban towpath ride hoping we would be sheltered from the serious swirls.

We rode from Sedgley almost to the centre of Birmingham.

It is fascinating travelling along the canal seeing so many wonderful building and bridges which vary so much over the 200+ years of construction.

A lot of aesthetic design was considered years ago compared to (some of) the modern bridges. We saw Iron, steel, brickwork and even wooden constructions on our ride.

My mind was blown seeing the construction under the M5, they are replacing all the concrete beams with steel, these go lateral and longitudinal to the road. This covers several miles of suspended motorway and the amount of scaffolding alone blew my mind (See extra).

After I got home I cleared one of the sheds out of junk and put lots of garage stuff in there. Lots to do.

Mr Bo Hingles

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