This morning, nice and early, I picked up my friend and took  her out to my favourite spot for owls as she told me it was on her bucket list to see 'a real live owl in the wilderness'.

I had my camera on the wrong settings at first (silly amateur mistake!) when two Harrier hawks or two Coopers flew over.  Lovely shots....but looks highkey. Oi....still great to see them.  Loads of deer around but no bucks with antlers.  Spotted three men in the woods so knew that the owl must be there.

I was furious when I realized that the men were baiting the owl with a mouse!  I decided to leave the area as A got a look at the owl anyway and it was annoying to be around the men.  On the way back we spotted the men again.  They had flushed the owl (not sure how many times!) and were about to follow it yet again into the bush.  I was furious so casually spoke up and said that I hoped they were going to let it hunt in peace now.  One of the men told me to f-ing mind my own business and go live my life somewhere else.  Now more infuriated, I said, "Wow.  By that reaction you obviously know that you are in the wrong and are choosing to harm the owl."  He continued to rant so I took their photo and left the area.  Have since reported them to our wildlife and conservation authorities.  Good grief....what is wrong with people???

Positively, she did see an owl and in extras is a cute little chickadee who said hello ; )

Have a super week ahead everyone!

D x

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