Cusinaire rods

We had both girls this afternoon. While Grandbaby slept. I made some blue play dough with Little Missy and we made various people using cutters and I tried making a small pot using the coil technique. Unlike Grandbaby who simply screws it all up once made, LM wanted them all to be dried! So they are in the utility room!

Then we played with the cusinaire rods. When Grandbaby woke up we had a snack of pancakes made using almond milk. (Extra) This recipe:
This mixture makes very good American pancakes but even with extra water not perfect for the French crêpes which must be so thin they are nearly see through! I put less sugar so they were a bit bland. A larger pinch of salt for next time! They were very good with maple syrup! Or lemon and sugar. I couldn’t use Nutella for the little one as there is powdered milk in it!

After that I took LM upstairs and gave her her first chance to use watercolour paints! Then we had a go at pastels. I really must get an all enclosing apron for next time! By the time I thought of telling her to start at the top of the painting she had already started with a cobalt blue at the bottom!!

After that she went off to do some colouring and cutting out by herself while I read to our baby! Dad has collected and Ro is making dinner! Then I’m relaxing!

The camera was on all the wrong settings! But I quite like it! (Snapseed to convert to mono.)

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