By USAHIhifriends

Hole-in-the-wall bird

High winds and heavy rain did not really materialize for last nite, forecasted to peak today.   Waves 40-50 feet forecast for the north shore 30-40 feet for the west shore.  Winds blew WNW, but not consistently, and the rain came and went.  It was rainy early this morning, but, as you can see, there's blue sky behind it.  By midmorning, it had turned into a lovely, crisp day.  Still gusty winds.  A high pressure and low pressure area above the islands were supposed to be intensifying the winds as they converged.

1.   Gaps in the rain, blue sky above
2.   An ocean high-five!!   
It was raining and only three guys in the water at Sandy Beach when it opened about 9am.  Saw the tarp for the fishermen's shelter flapping in the breeze beyond the blowhole. 

Edit:  after watching the news, it now says tonite will be the worst, tapering off tomorrow.    The rain, when it comes, is pelting down.

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