By TonyG


A week of spring-like weather in the offing.  The plants are certainly responding to a little warmth, notably the reticulata irises.  This one is called 'Spot On', the white part of the fall being marked with dark spots.

Snowdrops, snowflakes, crocus, cyclamen aplenty in the garden plus a few other interesting things in the cold frames.  Lot's of blip fodder there but I'm off on my travels again later this week ..... there may be steam and mountain blips next week :-)

Today we spent a couple of hours in phone conversation with a psychologist who is working with Jamie which was time well spent.  

An afternoon in the garden for me was followed by a trip to the in-laws where my bro-in-law and I disassembled the big bed we put together last year and installed a single in it's place.  Jamie's Grandad delighted as the higher bed is easier to get up from and with a Grandma in hospital style bed in the same room, there is lots more space now.  

A poignant moment as I delivered a card for their wedding anniversary tomorrow.   At this difficult time they had lost track of the date .............. now there are also flowers awaiting them in the morning and I suspect other gifts will arrive then too.

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