One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Little hamsters...

… about to step off the wheel. 
Two of them took the time to grab a shot on their phone, between work and home. Their little slice of fine sunny day. 
I was 50% of them. 

Still, it was an interesting day in the Repair Factory. I learned absolutely all there is to know about franking machines. And quite frankly, it is a lot. 
And I spoke French. Twice. To the amazement of the lads. 
First time with a lab in France, on the phone. 
Second time in person, while ho-ing and ha-ing around a very impressive electric bed. Except that it wasn't really French that I spoke. But Quebecois. It's a good thing that I learned the basics with Peter Littlestep in the Mistake Factory. The bed rep with the good rep was quite gobsmacked. 
I too was gobsmacked, upon discovering the list price of the bed. There was no more ho-ing and ha-ing. Just a little bit of meh-ing. 
I'll let him stew for a while. There is no rush. 

Later there was a walk on the pier at night with Luca. And a lovely chat. 

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