and they aren't even teenagers ?????? 
Only joking.  C on the right wants to be known as Ron from now on and he claims to hate his own name. She is Hermione Granger so I guess you know what that's all about. They and their parents are reading Harry Potter to them. They have seen the first film and read the first book so are strongly identifying with their characters. I'm in it too but I will have to check who I am again. Grandad also has a big part.
They came round with their mum today and gave me a chance to have a great chance to have a "deep and meaningful " with their mum and a chat about garden design and plants. It was fun along with our coffees. The kids were fine and very sweet and only acting for this shot ( must have been something that happened in the Harry Potter Story )
We are having them at the weekend and I have warned them in advance that they won't be watching TV all the time and they will behave or I'll send them up the road to their cousins and the strict uncle and aunt !!!!!
Wonder what parts they will get in Harry Potter.

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