Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

The relaxed life

Day began around eight, I did the washing up from yesterday, admiring how delightful it looked in the sunshine streaming into the kitchen through very dirty windows. You can see the nice pile of washing up in the extra.  I thought about mentioning the mouse in the trap under the sink, but decided against it.

Then got my busy box out from under the kitchen table, and began the artcard of the day, half listening to the radio. Keith emerged eventually and conversation was had. Still cutting and sticking my collage of course. Nothing can get in the way of the art card of the day!

Finally stopped doing artcards at 5 minutes to 12 when I realised that Keith's ex-colleague L was coming for lunch at quarter past and we had both forgotten!!!!!!!!! This was a real heart rate raising event after 4 hours of relaxed attention to colours and shapes..... We had (shamefully) both forgotten totally. Tuesday? What's it matter to us retired people?

I had planned to make soup and have sourdough bread, with pannacotta for afters. That's what I served, but it wasn't without a bit of a panic, and the liberal use of both freezer and microwave. Keith showed her round as I threw crockery onto the table and got the cheese onto a board. Phew. I told L what we'd done so she wouldn't wonder why we were breathless and sort of stare-y eyed. She took it well I think. The odd thing is we were really looking forward to her visiting us, for the first time...

The main blip was taken just at the end of out drive as we began our walk in the sunny afternoon. When we got home Keith turned into a plumber and I scrubbed the kitchen which was looking both dusty and dingy in all that sunshine. I think I was cleaning for 3 hours, which is a bit of a record for 3 quite small rooms downstairs. We watched two episodes of Marie Kondo last night, which probably explains this unusual impassioned behaviour.

Yoga was relegated to 7.30 at night for the first time ever, but it has been a weird topsy turvy sort of day, but a good one.

My three (very close to home) things to be grateful for today:
That it dawned on us that L was on the way 15 minutes before she got here, rather than when she arrived at the front door
That I had hours of creative fun and have now got 4 artcards in the bag
That the kitchen windows will now let more sunshine in

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