By earthdreamer

No News is Good News

I never fail to be impressed by the quality of service provided by the NHS, as well as the amazing tools available. I guess I'm of an age that has seen such change that I don't take the technology for granted. It truly is amazing.

I had visits with the radiology and endoscopy departments and couldn't have been dealt with more efficiently, nor with such good humour, by both sets of staff. The injection of dye and the insertion of tubes up unmentionable places meant for some novel sensations, which I found not at all unpleasant. The very opposite, in fact!

I suggested that there'd be people who'd pay good money for such experiences - thinking that the NHS could do with any little earner on the side - but, strangely enough, I was told there wasn't much demand. Odd that.

I thought this pedestrian entrance to Airedale Hospital - and subsequent exit - is rather symbolic. No obvious explanations today but no obvious problems either. No news is definitely good news. 

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