By amandoAlentejo

Portuguese Colours

Rarely post photos of food, but this was so good, and so different from normal Alentejano food, that I want to remember it. It's the avocado sandwich that Julia and I had from the Copenhagen Coffee Lab at the Feira da Ladra, Lisbon's flea market (a ladro is a type of flea found in antiques), a huge jumble of antiques, junk and crafts. Anyway, the sandwich was on some sort of rye bread, with bits of raw onion in the avocado, and a still warm, soft-boiled egg. It was superb.

We left Mourão early this morning as Mike had a council meeting here, which left Julia and I free to wander. She bought earrings from a woman who turned out to be from Ecuador (where I was born), and I got some bar shampoo from a young Portuguese guy, smells good, let's see if it works (I mostly just use water). An extra of an interesting view of the market.

As usual in Lisbon, I did far more than my aim of 10,000 steps!

- wonderfully warm, sunny day, makes it so much easier to wander
- Leyna's essential oil mix that seems to be easing the pain in my foot
- the fun we had over dinner, figuring out our Enneagram types; Julia knows us better than we know ourselves, I think

- and an extra that I forgot to mention from yesterday, managing to extract a chicken bone that got stuck in my throat, it was so scary

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