By DonnaWanna

Pink and Grey Galahs

I saw the guy with the pigeons again this morning doing the same thing so i guess he is a regular and they know him ;o)

I’m sure these lovely Pink and Greys wouldn’t dream of joining in the pigeons they were marching down the road here until they saw me and then they became a little bit wary!

I’ve been out for dinner with my old Uni friends and as its Chinese New Year we went to our favourite Chinese restaurant! They gave us quite a few free dishes and wished us Good Fortune for the New Year which was lovely of them and what a fantastic atmosphere it created in the place because they had done that with everyone there!! :o)

Thank you for the lovely thoughts, stars and even a fave for my nail and shadows from last night. I have to go to bed as i can hardly keep my eyes open. Catch up tomorrow night! :o)xxx

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