How Dexter Weathered the Storm

We are recovering from a several-day bout of wintry weather. It started with a little snow Sunday into Monday, maybe 2 or 3 inches. Then it continued with another 5 or so inches of snow before it settled into an all-day sleet storm on Tuesday. I do not think I have ever seen so much sleet in my life. It may be a new record. Oh, and Penn State cancelled, again.

Late in the morning, my husband and I went out to shovel. We had a discussion first about the timing of snow removal, and agreed that our best bet was to shovel as much snow as possible before it switched over to sleet and freezing rain, which would make it heavier to remove. So from about 10:30 to noon, we shoveled.

"There are things about winter that suck," my husband astutely observed, as he lifted shovel after shovel full of white stuff, tossing it up over the drifts and into the yard. And I had to agree. Snow is pretty, if you don't have to drive in it. However, I find few redeeming qualities in sleet.

Dexter, for his part, was not at all bothered by the storm. In fact, he thought it was awesome that I, his fur-peep-mom, got an extra day at home, much of which was spent (when not removing snow) under the covers with That Tabbycat, with a good book in hand.

But this was the scene at one point in the day. My husband was sitting in my Penn State chair by the bed, and Dexter immediately crawled into his lap, where he started purring and making air-biscuits with a beatific look on his face. Storms aren't so bad, now, are they, Dexter?  :-)

The soundtrack: Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, with Storms Never Last.

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