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The Leaning Tower Of Pee

Random ‘emergency / banker blip’ - taken on our walk first thing this morning. As it was almost light at 7 a.m. so we popped out for an hour then.

This portable toilet has appeared next to the power substation across the road from where we live. Not quite sure why…but I thought it looked a little unstable and could provide an interesting wee experience!

I was out so early as I have had to make another trip to Doncaster today to help out our daughter who is seriously out of sorts with this ’flu. I arrived just after 9:30 so have prepped my image and written a few notes just in case I don’t get chance later in the day.

I expect to be here until 6:30 this evening (as yesterday) - and will probably be back again tomorrow (with Mrs madwill as it is our ‘meet up day’ with daughter anyway).

Mrs madwill had gone to see her mother in Darlington today.

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