Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Day 12 Giant snake eats baby!

Well actually, the extra shows what was really happening! Two minutes before the wee boy had been sitting on the elephant and having a whale of a time but didn't seem to think much of being bopped on the head with its trunk! It's very good luck to be blessed this way if a little slimey. Seemed an appropriate wild Wednesday subject. Along the same lines as crazy horoscopes really. Hope you agree Cailleach!
I still find it exciting to meet an elephant out for a walk like this. This is a temple elephant but as you can see they are able to walk completely free with no shackles, it is hard to believe that a young boy actually had control of such an enormous beast.
He /she had a good walk around the neighbourhood, its bell collar drawing an audience everywhere it went.
School today and then this afternoon an encounter with an elephant. There's not a lot else you can ask for in a day although a few degrees cooler would be nice occasionally.

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