Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Scratch The Itch

We drove the fifteen minutes from our thatched lodge at Sabi Sun, into The Kruger National Park, with our hosts Mrs BB brother and his wife. Entry for me and Mrs BB as non South African nationals was ZAR 740 (£41 total) and well worth it for a day pass.

It wasn't long before we saw elephants and the one in the main photo amused us as it was using a tree to scratch that itch!  The other elephant in the extra we saw later in the day and it was a two for one as I captured a Kingfisher on a tree above it!

The other is of a mother with baby giraffe eating. The only giraffes we saw all day but nice to see them together.

We stopped for lunch and the shops/cafe offer great value on the food, drinks and goods on sale.

It was about 35C but no sooner had we arrived back at our lodge the heavens opened for much needed rain. The rivers and ponds at the Kruger are dry or very low.

(All photographs processed with Kodak Portra 160VC film preset.)

The animals are the infastructure of the national park - without them it wouldn't exist - thus my wide Wednesday entry!

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