Plus ça change...

By SooB

Kid gloves

Finally finished some rather wobbly gloves for CarbBoy. I do enjoy knitting but find all the finishing off and sewing in ends rather tedious, and am very poor at it.

Up early to take Mr B to the airport. Icy cold (minus 3) but a very Bonny dawn was just starting to peak over the horizon as I rolled back into the valley. A brief snooze on my desk kept me on track for a busy work day.

This afternoon saw the promised trip to our new fish/pet/garden shop. By the skin of our teeth we came away with only two fighting fish, and not the six rabbits, two hamsters and five octodons that very nearly ended up in the trolley.

The journey home was lengthened when, to avoid waiting for an accident to be cleared, we turned tail and bumped the poor fish home along the back roads.

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