One of my favorite pages

One of my favorite pages  . . . in my 2019 Sketchbook Project. Go here to find out more about this wonderful, crowd sourced, global art project! 

I just sent my completed book in to the Brooklyn Art Library, the host of the Sketchbook project. My book joins over 41,000 sketchbooks from 130 countries! The 2019 project will travel the USA on a book tour and 'pop-ups' in various cities, coming back to the Brooklyn Art Library in NY, where it will permanently reside when the tour is done. People do visit the Library and check out the sketchbooks - all of them are barcoded to keep track! I even get notified :o) 

This is my 7th Sketchbook Project since 2011 and you can view ALL of mine on my website. It is great fun and a wonderful creative experience to participate! I have been so busy with this and another 365 art project that I'm just now doing some blips to catch up. My back blips of this project start here: January 27th and I will add more over the next few days . . . happy blipping! 

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