By davesfotos

A starling

Very cold this morning with an early frost but by 10 it was sunny.
First job was to continue with the bird feeder in the shed and it's nearly finished. I just couldn't find small enough screws to attach the feeder to the post so it will have to wait till I'm next at the DIY store.
I decided to clean the gutters on the greenhouse which were full of leaves.
Just as well I did as I spotted a broken glass corner in the roof.
Goodness knows how long that's been broken and all the lost heat.
Anyway it was easy to patch up with special tape for the job.
While having my coffee break I thought I'd set up the Panasonic Lumix in the dinning room aimed at the outside feeder.
The battery was flat but I had a spare so I was anble to take quite a few photos.
To be honest none particularly good but I managed to zoom in and blow one up which is not so bad.
More office work this afternoon for me I hope you have a nice day and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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