By craftylady

The Moon Under Water

As I was driving home from card class this afternoon, I had the moon on my left and the sun on my right.  It was such a strange sight, so when I got home I took a shot of the moon, but not waning to risk either my eyesight or my camera sensor I have added a fake lens flare to represent the sun, in LunaPic.  As I knew that today's theme for Abstract Thursday was WATER, the phrase that kept going through my head was The Moon Under Water I had got a feeling that the phrase was connected to George Orwell, but couldn't remember how.  But helpful Mr Google told me that it was the title of an essay Orwell wrote in 1947.  Since then there have been many pubs with that name.  So to put the moon under water and give it a more abstract feel, I have added a watery filter, also in LunsPic.
Thank you to Ingeborg for hosting.

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