It's That Day Once More .

Last year the Havel was frozen .Today it was almost Costa Del Sol. Glorious sun & +10°c. My day has been wonderful .No card ,flowers or chocolates but this is where the blip comes in. Taken in a cafe and faffed with to replace hearts .The German translates  " A little fat is not so slim "  ( true )  Had they used all German it would have read "A little fat is not so bad ( with schlimm being used instead of slim . Both translations make sense to me ...For me  Valentines Day was amazing due to  
a  marvellous unexpected present from Australia ..A mini piano recital just for me .My best friend Lynne ( born in Wales ) lives in NSW and farms there .. She has a young Japanese  lady ( Rino ) staying. Rino loves the classics , so do I and when she played  it made me cry ..( tears of Joy )  Just imagine an English woman  in Germany , Welsh in NSW , Japanese in NSW and we united via skype and with music .Best present ever .

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