the moon of love by Showaddywaddy :)

I don't celebrate Valentines day but the words of the song came to me when I spotted the moon directly above the passage between the houses :)

Another very busy day....but it didn't start very well.  

I was just parking up at work in the middle of two rows of spaces, when all of a sudden a car came in the wrong way (we have a multistorey car park with one way system) and nearly came into my car....  I was so shocked (though very thankful he didn't come into my car)..  

I gesticulated to the driver that he should have come in the other way and just got two fingers, no apology!!   I got out of my car after I'd parked and he was just watching me, so I memorised the number plate and reported it to the security manager for the building.  Its left me unsettled all day....

Apologies for the rant, but I think its justified - the speed limit is 5mph and many drivers go faster than that there (and also the wrong way round the carpark)....

Anyway, thank you for all your kind comments yesterday.  The monthly 1-1 went very well :)

Now the wind down to the weekend!

Happy Thursday folks :)

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