By tondrijfhamer

7000 steps

Back in Glencoe, Ron demonstrated his daily goals on excercises to keep fit and maybe even lose some weight. He's been using his Applewatch for that succesfully for over 240 days now.
Bottomline: I want that too.
But I'm not prepared to buy an Applewatch just for that goal only. So I looked for an alternative (for the time being. I know myself...)
I found a steps-app that counts the number of steps you take each day. 
I've installed it yesterday and now I'm trying to figure out the right goals.
For now I've to do 7000 steps a day. (+/- 5,5 km)

And what happened: Today, for the first time in years I've been out for a walk during lunchtime! Normally I eat a quick sandwich behind my desk and work on, but today I walked 1210 steps!
Guess what: In the afternoon I felt much more productive already. (Maybe it's all between the ears, but anyway...)
Tonight I'll be ticking the 7000 box for my second day in a row. Whoohoo!

On the photo is my office.

Oh, and: Bas is doing fine in London! He's been sending a few messages that all is well. He's been in the Tower Bridge and London Eye already. In the evening a boat trip on the Thames is scheduled. Cheers Bas!
Two days til Sunday morning.....

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