By Wildwood

Santa Rosa Creek

The Atmospheric River, Phase II continued to flow across the North Bay, canceling OilMan's golf game once again. There was just enough break in the rain for us to scurry across the road and take a picture of what has become a raging muddy torrent. It is still well below the houses on that side of the road, but it is certainly a reminder of Mother Nature's power. 

Yesterday, OilMan presented me with a bunch of roses from Costco with a pencilled note on a lined yellow legal pad that said 'Happy V------'s Day (a day early). He was afraid that if he waited until today, there wouldn't be any left! What he couldn't have predicted was that roads are closed all over the county, including two on the way to Kathy's house, so we took a raincheck from Kathy, stayed home and watched the rain pour down. Although the sun is starting to attempt an appearance, it will take a day or two for the water to go down. When it does, I think I'll plant some grass in the potholes at the bottom of our driveway....

I put a picture of one rose in the extras. I liked the way the rose petals sort of echo the vortex of water swirling around a hidden rock in the creek.

Happy V----'s Day to all my blip buddies. 

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