Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Water falling

Today was a great day to be outside in the forest with waterfalls as for the next five or more days we are going to be having rain, rain and then more rain so the weather people say.   That being the case we got up this morning and drove to the place we were trying to get to last week when the sky clouded and we ended up going somewhere else.    

This abstract water  is a small waterfall/cascade  at Wildcat Wayside, a series of waterfalls along Hwy 276.   The first waterfall is visible from the highway..a part of several as a one and a half mile loop takes you to  other waterfalls.     I have put photos of four  of the falls in the extras.  Here in South Carolina we are so lucky to have many, many waterfalls to enjoy. Some like these are short walks, some are hard to get to but worth the hike!  

A good Valentine for me..and take out fried chicken on the way home.  A treat as we hardly ever have fried chicken anymore.  

That tax stuff is still sitting on the dining room table.  It just would not get itself organized while I was gone today and I left explicit instructions to have everything ready to go on a spreadsheet.    I guess I will just have to do it myself as obviously the paperwork did not listen to me! 

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