By Memories4Me

Pictures and Flowers at the Museum

Dear Diary,

A delightful time viewing the Art and Bloom exhibit, thirteen pairings of paintings and floral arrangements.  Hard to choose one but I like this one where the foliage mimics the moose antlers.  ( I've added a much more contemporary pairing as an extra.)  The film, Painting the Modern Garden was wonderful and if it is shown at a museum near you, you must try to see it.

There was also an exhibit, Relational Undercurrents, which showcased contemporary art from Caribbean artists.  Excellent.  One stunning installation displayed a 20'X20' collection of plastic washed up on the beaches of an island.  I've added a photo of that too.  It was a depressing thing to look at but it sure made a statement.  My visit was like a massive dose of Vitamin C.  It made me feel wonderful.

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