Robin at large

By Robin


It was only last friday I noticed the first snowdrops I had seen this season. Today, only a week later I have seen my first crocuses of the season. Quite close to where I saw the snowdrops last week, just a little further along the same path.

Cosmo stopped long enough to let be grab a quick snap of the flowers, though she was impatient to get to the park. Even before we left the house I could tell that she had obviously noticed it was a nice day. It was obvious she was eager to be out.

We had a slightly longer walk than usual through the wood. Of course with the weather being so nice we met quite a few dogs, nobody we knew though.

The extra shows Cosmo just before we went out. I think she is asking if we can go out soon. Well we went out about ten minutes after this. No need for her to wear her raincoat today which will have been a relief for her.

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