A New Day

By ANewDay

Saving Grace

I tried to take some pictures of the lovely sunrise this morning, but the photos were rubbish, so these Valentine flowers are my saving grace or I wouldn't have had a blip today:-)

TJ was up with the lark to go fishing on the Tay so I decided to get up early too and get on with some housework, as it was our turn this evening to host some of the neighbours and it was their first visit.  I was keen to make a good impression, though I'm sure they wouldn't have noticed a bit of dust.

I've been waiting for many months for an appointment for an eye operation and got the letter today to give me a date - right bang in the middle of our holiday!  So that's had to be postponed to a later date (the operation, not the holiday!)

The evening soirée went very well and we all enjoyed the chat and the nibbles.  We've done more socialising with our new neighbours than we did in all our years in our previous house:-)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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