By serpentine

The old and the new

7 1/2 hour bus journey to Pokhara.  No matter how many times I do it it is always fascinating.  Sanja's home village is fairly close to the earthquake area of 4 years ago and his brother is still living in temporary tin sheeted accommodation.  Yesterday morning's after shock of 4.5 is one of many they are still experiencing.  Short of wifi so no more pics today - and it is raining!  One short incident on the road - a lorry going in the opposite direction shed it's lightweight tarpaulin which caught on our mirror and flapped across the windscreen.  Much yelling and gesticulating later the Indian driver was forced to pay up 2000 rupees for our 'cracked' windscreen and another bus got 3000 from him - everyone laughing because no damage was done at all.  But he was Indian...

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