Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty

What would Darwin do?

We went into town this afternoon to meet some friends for lunch in Darwin's Kitchen. Mine was an ok meal. Chris had a steak that was one of the best he'd had for a while and they messed up our friend's order, giving him gluten free on brown when he'd ordered normal on white! It was lovely to meet Paula and Bill and have a catch up. Their son is currently in New Zealand on his gap year and having a good time. He's due to go to York in the autumn with Matt to do the same course. I'm hoping it'll be good for them both as they've been friends since reception. I hated uni and left after just 6 weeks as I was lonely. Having a friend on the same course would have made all the difference but then my life would have turned out completely different and I'm happy with my lot!

On the way into town we walked into a protest about climate change (pictured). I know that a lot of children missed school yesterday for similar protests so let's hope that something is done about it. As one of the banners said: 'There's no planet B!' The Darwin reference is because we live in Shrewsbury, his birthplace.

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