Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Chinese New Year, Liverpool

Today I woke up at a near normal time - around 6am, after having a week of waking up between 2 and 5am. This jet lag can really just "get lost" now - I'm fed up of it. 
I've been falling asleep in the late afternoons and waking up stupidly early since we got back. I don't remember it being this bad 3 years ago.....must be an age thing I think :) 

Mum wanted to go to Liverpool to get some new shoes, so we had a short trip today to fulfil this request. She doesn't walk so far these days and has been having trouble with her legs being really achy, so we didn't stay long at all. We went to Pavers, she tried on 2 pairs of shoes and bought one, then we headed to Monsoon where we both like having a quick look around - she also bought a top, so that was good. 
And then we went to Cote for lunch and had mussels and fish parmentier which was delicious. It was nice to see mum enjoying her food as she has had lots of days where she has not felt like eating and had to force stuff down. 
We got home early afternoon and she decided that she would try for a nap - a good idea as she has not been sleeping either.
My blip today is the red lanterns that were adorning the trees in Liverpool One today - I assume that they were part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Since I have not been finding time to upload my blips this week, as I have been sleeping so much, I have now backblipped them starting here if you are interested. 

Next week I am back in Sweden, so hopefully will find time to get back to reviewing journals again as I am sure I have missed loads of fabulous blips. 

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