By Livingandloving

Birthday Bash

We were up early on Saturday, and stuck to our schedule.  I borrowed my brother's minivan, and took Sugar and 4 friends to a bigger city for some fun.  We went to the mall for several hours of shopping and lunch.  I read my book while they did their thing.  This independence felt really good for Sugar.  The girls had fun and were responsible.  
In the late afternoon, we went ice skating.  It was the first time for all but Sugar and one friend.  It went pretty well.  This photo is missing one of the girls, as she was done after falling one too many times.  Photography was difficult, as I couldn't be out on the ice, and around the rink was a very scarred up plexiglass from hockey.  
After skating, we went to MOD Pizza for individual pizzas fun.  It was a giggly good time.  The 2.5 hour drive home was full of laughter and chit chat.  We were gone a total of 12 hours, and it was perfect. 

Happy Late Birthday to Sugar!

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