Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Meet Fang

Thor has a baby brother!  This is 10 week old Fang, an American Bulldog.  I'm going to tag this for Silly Saturday because both B & D work full time and now they have two puppies instead of one.  Very silly!!  That being said....he's really precious and gets along great with his big brother.  I can see why Darrin couldn't resist him!  Piper will be meeting him for the first time when we go over for dinner tonight.  I haven't warned her, we'll just let it be a surprise.  If I can get a shot of all three of them I'll add it later.  Many thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturdays!

I am grateful for all the comments, stars and hearts I have received this week while I have been mostly absent from Blip.  I thought I would catch up today but I wasn't expecting a new baby in the family.  Hopefully tomorrow....

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