By dogwithnobrain

Make you feel my love

We both had hard week and decided on Friday that we’d hit the Doghouse to blow the cobwebs away.

We did an hour at the allotment first thing and then pulled ourselves together and headed up.

We reached Glasgow at 240 and headed round.

We passed a bit of a sad sight on the way round.

One of the regular homeless folk who sleeps outside the co-op in Gordon Street - was Laying in his usual position, curled up inside his sleeping bag; I remember from two weeks ago looking at him and thinking why don’t you sit up, take a look at the world around you, maybe find inspiration to get up and do something except wait for your next hit.

Today however, he was laying with two ambulance people standing over him; on the radio - people were asking them to do something and they were just shaking their head.

Only two other homeless people and the ambulance people were there, paying attention; no one else moved; no one else bothered.

The problem with Glasgow city centre is that there are too many junkies and drunks - they beg between fixes and their gazes are distant and in another plane from the rest of us. If you refuse - you are gifted a tirade of abuse depending on how stoned they are or a sob story; but the minute another face comes into line they’ve lost you and they are chasing another dream

Working life is constantly aggressively interrupted by people who do nothing all day but put shit in their bodies and wait for a hand out.

Something has to be done to get these people off the street and clean

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