And there was a raffle too!

Took a ride up to Claines RBL club, North of Worcester, today.
We, the Riders, were having a Pool and Darts championship. Considering the standard of play, with the exception of a couple of people, it's hardly a championship but it is a great laugh and the first social event of the year.

I stared my efforts with a game of pool against the lady in the main photo, Elaine. She was hitting the balls too low down with the cue so making them jump and bounce around. I told her to hit the centre of the ball after which she proceeded to annihilate me despite me having extra goes when she missed her balls or pocketed the white!
She created the 'Barn Door' award (see extra), as in "Couldn't hit a barn door" so it was doubly humiliating but a good laugh.

The darts were a different story where I went through 4 knockout games and ended up in the final with the champion from last year (and two previous years), Steve 'Juice' Watton - We've all got nicknames.
We battled down to both of us needing a double 2 but he got it first. A good game and I was amazed to get that far.

On a funny note, I sent the photo of the barn door to our family group chat on Facebook Messenger. 
A little discussion developed because Johanna didn't get it.
Joanne explained.
I think it's the award for the worst player.
Johanna replied
Oh, LOL, I thought he had to play tiny darts!!!! X

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