A new baby

It's like from the film, the field of dreams: Build it and they will come
Three years ago we built this rural birthing centre to replace the most awful shed.
Lilian (on the right) is the local birth attendant, holding a baby, a few hours old.
She is the most amazing woman and treats everyone with full care and attention with no cost and smiles as she goes.
The building is now used by the Mzuzu clinic, which is a referral hospital and St Johns hospital for their clinics for under five children and clinics on home based care for HIV/AIDS sufferers. She is also supported by the Central Hospital.
There are also a long list of doctors and specialists, who come to help.
The Ministry have agreed to provide permanent nursing care if only the men would get off their asses and build an extension.
We are prepared to help with the roofing materials and cement. BUT they must do the rest. Useless and lazy leadership is the obstacle to progress.
What a shame.

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