Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Another good day

Another perfect day, this high pressure cell is lasting and the good weather continues all week and all of next week too. We were up the mountain early again, and managed to get in quite a few runs before our morning coffee stop. One of the runs is down a valley and to get back to the main ski area you have to take a small gondola (as per my extra photo). This is the view taken from the gondola over part of the valley.

I enjoyed my skiing again today, and my legs were not at all sore. I do quite a bit of leg exercises at gym and it definitely helps with skiing, in fact it makes a big difference for me as I don't have naturally strong legs.

We have been keeping a look out to see steinbok, as someone on the chair lift told us they had seen some near one of the runs we did. Steinbok, as they are known here in the German part of Switzerland, or bouquetin as they are known in the French speaking part of Switzerland (and frequently seen by Hilary) and also known as Alpine Ibex or capricorns, are actually a goat and not an antelope. Sadly we did not see any today but we will keep looking!

We had a full morning skiing and then after lunch - once again we ate outdoors in the sunshine - we skied straight back down to the village as Gavin had a work conference call meeting to attend. I am posting this early as we are going to friends for drinks before supper. Thomas arrives late tonight after a long journey to get here - a train from Ypres to Brussels, a flight from Brussels to Zurich, and then the train from Zurich airport up to the mountains.

Tomorrow I am going to take the day off skiing as I am meeting a friend in the morning for coffee, and I will go for a walk later on with my camera.

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