At last ~~~~~~~~

my second sign of spring approaching~~~~~~~~
this tree has had more things happen to it than a plant should .
I bought it from a cheapy garden centre it was a little limp but did have a few flowers,in that summer it fell over and I did not notice and it was very dry indeed, so I put it in a larger pot and stood that in a bucket to keep it steady, we had drenching rains so it was now waterlogged ,so september time I potted it up in a larger terracotta pot that should do you,and it seemed fine~~~~~~~~ then came the high winds I looked out of the window and could not see it where can it have gone ?????,
poor Mimosa was bent double by the strong winds poor love, so I said I was very sorry and promised to try and straighten without breaking,I managed but she still has a bend ~~~~~~~~ and here she is blossoms allover ~~~~~~~ Lesson here never give up eh!
and for those that know me I am feeling bit better lost weight down to 7st 10lbs. and put clothes on,so bonus day..hope you have a good day Blippers..

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