Mostly Photos

By pixelstate


I am coming up to 5 years of Blipping!!!

I have managed to maintain a photo a day, every day for this time... the quality has been as diverse as the subject matter.. (with a fair smattering of cats - handy for those lean, last minute Blip days... you know the ones!)

I was on my commute this morning on a dull, grey, February morning.. not really inspired for my daily Blip and considering (semi) retiring after my 5th year completes..  and then... out of the blue... London serves me up a Blip... like it usually does when least expected... how can I not continue to share these moments with my Blip Friends!?

I have no idea what this bulldog was doing sitting in a chair on the shore of the Thames but I couldn't help but share the moment with Y'all :)

I always appreciate the visits to my profile and the comments (even though I am terrible at reciprocating!) - Thank you...

...onwards to another 5 years I guess.. although I doubt I will see a sight like this again.. :)

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