I have no fear cause you are all I have

Take each day by the balls, and get out of it as much as you can. 

I left at the same time as himself this morning, and drove up and over the hill to town, and saw him walk towards the station bridge. I blasted the horn like crazy - but he was locked into his headphones, but hey - I know I acknowledged him. 

I drove to the town, and parked at the beach and gazed at the sea.  Half the sky was bright and blue and breezy, and the other half was dark, and threatening and blowy.  

After being sandblasted for a few moments, and losing my footing on the steps (they are a bit wobbly) - i set off for work.  But I had to stop again and grab a shot across the Golf Course, over the dark skies, through the light and grab the College (See extra)

Then it was into work, throw some seeds for the magpie family , and into the office. 

I decided that I would (a) read some of my book at work today, and (b) practise my sign language tonight.  I can tick both boxes, AND I'm going to read some more.     

Now in Sign language, I can say, "hello, my name is Helen,  I live in Troon  I am short and fat".  Impressive eh?     I could tell you my job, but I'm limited to signing the spelling for that, otherwise, i settle to be a social worker, because I can say that in one action.  I also have to spell out Troon, but I quite like Glasgow, because it looks like "G" and a punch.  Which is quite appropriate. :-)  Guernsay is G and a Y. 

I was totally overcome last week when I watched Grantchester, because there was a conversation between a deaf boy and the Vicar, and I Totally Understood him!   I did I did! 

Go Me. 

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