By Memories4Me

An Offering

Dear Diary,

Tootsie and I commiserated all day yesterday about the snow.  What was just to be a "coating" turned out to be 2-3 inches of new snow, the kind that needs to be shoveled and plowed.  Luckily, it was extremely light and fluffy, what we call "powder", so I was able to clear some of it myself.  That was the good news, the bad news is another storm is heading our way on Thursday.  Big sigh...

Tootsie left me a small offering this morning on the doorstep.  I have many turkey feathers but this is the first one I have that has a bit of the iridescence on it.  It shown a bright copper under the light.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  I guess this is Tootsie's way of leaving me a "tip" for her breakfast!

I just realized that today is the anniversaries of the deaths of my father and husband.  They both died on February 19th but 7 years apart.  It used to be a very sad day but time softens it.  It is now a thoughtful and reflective day for me.

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