By Bradders

Interviews and views

Woke up 10 minutes before my alarm, grabbed breakfast before heading to my first interview in Fremantle. Nearly missed the bus!

It was a relaxed interview, they were mainly explaining to me the industry and what to expect the coming weeks.

Back to the hostel and then off to West Perth for another interview. It was a very relaxed and friendly meeting with the two ladies that I've been emailing about work. They were extremely helpful and I'm hopeful something will come up with them.

Basically I'm interviewing at consultancies, so now that they like me, when a company comes to them asking for geos or fieldies they might shortlist me and then I could be in a job! The job market is still reasonably slow, it should really pick up once the outback cools at the end of this summertime. Hopefully in a few weeks!

Back to the hostel and I got in some yoga for the day, 45min in the park on my own. Then I wandered to the headland to watch the sunset.

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