creative lenna

By creativelenna

from the past

This is Steve (left), Garth (middle) and John (on the right) circa 1980 when we all shared a house together. John & I had been married for 2 years. He had gone to school with Garth & Steve and we were trying to save money by sharing rent. I had known Garth since I was 14, when we met at summer Camp and Garth introduced me to Steve when I was 15. Steve & I did not marry until 2005 -when John left me and we divorced. Now Steve always teases me that I should have had a larger circle of friends!

The photo was printed out, placed on a larger sheet of paper, rubber stamps were used and there is a small photo of me from the time in the bottom right corner!  I took a photo of this earlier in February (it hangs on the wall) to share with rower2012. I had fun telling him the story of me & Steve, which he did not the entirety of! Our story is on my website, here. Garth & his wife Nora were recently visiting us and they both enjoyed seeing this, remembering those earlier times. :o) 

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