Citroen DS

I pass by this wonderful car on many of my walks downtown, but the street is usually too crowded to get a good image. The license plate is Cigare, a reference to a local wine called Le Cigare Volant (the Flying Cigar), which itself was named after a law prohibiting flying saucers from traveling over certain French vineyards. The car and the local winery are owned by the same person. It's not much of a stretch for me to see the car as a flying saucer.

This morning I had a chance to draw at the UCSC Arboretum again; even though the temperature was in the 40s when I left the house, by the time I got up there and sat in the sun it was very pleasant. I chose  to work with Leucadendron salignum (Conebush) which was quite a challenge with its fiery colors and countless petals. I could spend all day on just one plant. 

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